Happy Holidays!  

A few weeks ago, I shared our buffalo check Ribbon Christmas Trees and with the left over ribbon, we transformed some ordinary plastic ornaments from the Dollar Store into these awesome ornaments that will fit in nicely with our rustic-feel Christmas decor this year.

Supplies Used:

  • Dollar Store ornaments
  • white spray paint
  • buffalo check ribbon
  • hot melt glue
  • mod podge
  • paint brush
  • scissors
  • bamboo skewer

Step 1:

I spray painted the ornaments with white spray paint so that the color on the ornaments wouldn’t show through when I added the buffalo check ribbon. Then I cut the ribbon into strips that were long enough to reach from the top of the ornament to the underside.

Step 2:

I put a dab of hot melt glue to attach each end of the ribbon to the ornament.  I used the bamboo skewer to roll the glue flat and to avoid burning myself with the hot glue.

Work your way around the ornament adding strips of ribbon as you go. The ribbon will overlap at the top and bottom.

Step 3:

Because ribbon frays easily, I coated each ornament with a thin layer of Mod Podge.

They make a pretty display in a basket or vase during the festive season. Of cause the look beautiful put up in the tree up with the lights and tinsel. 

Here are a couple of fun festive craft ideas for you to try…

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