Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees

School is closed today for Election Day and I took the day off work to be at home with the kids. It has been raining all morning. I love rain when I am home for the day, it is so peaceful. It is a perfect day for crafting and to knock out another project on my list.  Today I’m sharing an easy project for Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees.

I bought a two Styrofoam cones to make Christmas Tree decorations but was unsure of how I was actually going to decorate them until I took a walk through the Dollar Store last week and found some little plastic silver spoons and a package of wands with stars on them. Call me a magpie, but I  do love shiny silver things!


Supplies used:
  • 2 styrofoam cones
  • 4 packs of little silver spoons ( I used about 3-1/2 packs for this project)
  • 1 package of wands
  • scissors
  • spray paint
  • glue gun

Step 1:

I spray painted the cones with a metallic silver color.

A pair of standard scissors was used to cut the tops off the spoons.


Step 2:

I glued the tops of the spoons onto one cone and the bottoms of the spoons onto the other.


Step 3:

To finish the top of each, I attached a row of spoon tops which were glued facing the opposite way.

I stuck a star wand into the top each cone and called it finished.

Spoon Tree 2
Spoon Tree 3
Spoon Tree 7

I love how they have a mirrored effect and reflect the light. This project was very easy and took a couple of hours to put together.

It’s looking like I’m going to have a lot of silver in my decorations this year! These Christmas Tree cones look great next to the polish star that I made using tinfoil.

If you are interested in more Christmas craft you can click Woodland Fairy Christmas Art

Happy Holiday Season Everyone!

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