How To Make Cloudy Day Magnets

Supplies Used:

  • White, light gray and dark gray felt
  • white, light gray and dark gray thread
  • sewing needle
  • scissors
  • thin card board for a pattern
  • strong magnets
  • stuffing or cotton balls
  • optional little beads

Start by drawing a cloud pattern on a thin piece of cardboard.  You can see that I adjusted mine to make it a little more fluffy.   I took pictures with a ruler so you could get an idea of the size of the pattern I used.

Use the pattern to cut 2 piece of felt of the same color for each cloud you want to make.  Using a matching thread, whip stitch it together on all sides leaving the bottom open.  My stitches aren’t perfect, nor exactly even – don’t judge!

Insert a strong magnet inside, then stuff the stuffing over the top.  Make sure to get the stuffing in all the areas.  I used the point of a scissors to push the stuffing into each area.  I did not put any stuffing behind the magnet.  Whip stitch it closed.   Done.  Well, that is unless you want to embellish it a little more by adding a few rain drops.

To add the rain drops, I used mini crystal stickers that I sandwiched a dangling thread between.

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