How to DIY Your Own Botanical Art

Supplies Used:

  • floral greenery stem
  • picture frame
  • foam board
  • craft knife
  • ruler
  • wire cutter

I selected some leaves from my stash of floral greenery.  I looked for leaves that would lay flat as they would be pressed inside my picture frames.

I cut pieces of foam board to fit snugly in the back of each frame using a craft knife and the mat to the picture frame as a template.   Tip:  Use a ruler held firmly in place to cut a nice straight line.

Now here is the hard part . . . just kidding, it’s really very easy.  Lay the stem on the foam board and insert in the picture frame.  My foam board was cut to fit very snugly in the frame, so I did not need anything else to hold it in place.

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