With my children being older, the traditional dying of hard-boiled eggs has passed. However, I still love having a few decorated eggs for Easter.   This year I wanted to come up with a unique way to decorate eggs to compliment my Easter decor that was quick and easy but also had a more elegant look.  These Elegant Easter Eggs are unique and make a beautiful display.  Take your egg decorating to a whole new level!

Elegant Eggs Supplies 19

Supplies Used:

  • plastic eggs
  • Liquitex Modeling Paste
  • assorted craft paints
  • bamboo skewers
  • floral foam
  • butter knife

I inserted a bamboo skewer into the bottom of each plastic egg.  The eggs already had a few small holes in the bottom, so it was easy to insert the skewer with a gentle pressure.  I frosted each egg with a thick layer of the modeling paste using a butter knife and inserted the skewers into a piece of floral foam.

Elegant Eggs Picture 4

I dipped the sharp point of a bamboo skewer into the craft paint and then swirled the color onto the wet egg – like I was putting a swirl design on a frosted cake.

Elegant Eggs Picture 6

Some of the eggs I left were white, so I just swirled the molding paste using the tip of a bamboo skewer.

Elegant Eggs Picture 8

You want to put the pattern/color on the eggs within a half hour or the paste starts to harden.

Elegant Eggs Picture 7

Frosting the eggs and applying the color/pattern doesn’t take long.  I had finished all of my eggs in about a half hour.    Leave them to dry and harden overnight.

The skewers were not difficult to remove, I just twisted and pulled them out.  You could use a little molding paste to cover the holes left by the skewer – and allow it to dry.

Elegant Eggs Picture 27

The eggs can be lightly sanded if you want.   I had a few high peaks that I sanded down with fine-grit sandpaper.

Elegant Eggs Picture 28

I love the texture on the eggs.

The white eggs look beautiful against the green raffia in my little silver bowl.

Elegant Eggs Picture 29

Elegant Eggs White Finished Picture 25

Colored or all-white, they make an elegant display for Easter.

Elegant Eggs Picture 22

The Liquitex Modeling Paste was purchased at Hobby Lobby in the artist/paint section.  The 8 oz. jar I purchased easily covered 14 eggs with some to spare.   This paste will dry to a very hard surface, is waterproof, and non-yellowing.   The jar cost me around $15.

If you can ice a cake, you can do this project!

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Elegant Eggs Final product

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