What to do with a hefty stash of marbles?  Why, make marble towers of course.  Better yet, make them lighted marble towers!  We had a lot of fun putting these together with a few simple supplies we had on hand.

I’m sure I don’t have to caution you that this is not a craft for smaller children because we all know that marbles are a big choking hazard for kids who like to put things in their mouths!  However, it’s a fun project for the older kids and might keep them busy for . . . a few minutes at least!

Marble TeaLights
  • marbles
  • glue gun
  • tea lights
  • jar lids

Start by gluing marbles around the base of the tea light.  We used hot melt glue for our project, but be aware that the bond on a smooth glass surface is not really strong, so careful handling is necessary.  If you want a more permanent bond, use E6000 glue.

Keep building until you have made a dome over the tea light.

Place the marble towers on jar lids for a cute display.

At night, turn the tea light on for a soft glow.

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