How To Make Whimsical Apple Decor

Supplies Used:

  • Apples 
  • Spray Paint
  • red glitter tape
  • circle punch.

Without a plan, and because I was already spray painting several other projects at the time, I took them outside and gave them two coats with a glossy white spray paint.  I did take a few minutes to wrap painters tape around the stems before spraying.

After they were dry, I thought they needed something more.  I dug through my craft supplies and came up with a roll of red glitter tape and a circle punch.

The tape had a backing to it, so it was easy to punch the circles and then peel off the backing.  I stuck the dots at random on the apples.   Perhaps they are a little whimsical, but we all need a little whimsy every now and then.


I put them in a white bowl and they made me smile.  However, I felt that the bowl was a little too small to display them in.

So I dug out a tarnished silver bowl to display them in and I loved them even more!   I’m looking forward to setting these out as part of my fall decor this year, but really, I think they could be set out all year-long.

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