Today I have a cute little craft using very simple hand embossing on copper and aluminium tooling foil that creates a beautiful more rustic look for spring with these Copper and Aluminium embossed flowers.  I have these beauties in my kitchen, but they would look great anywhere, even outside.


These flowers are punched out using a standard scallop punch commonly used for paper crafting.  I love using punches whenever possible because it is so fast and the edges are nice and clean.  The metal that I used on this project is 38 gauge tooling metal that is aluminium on one side and colored copper on the other.  Makes it very nice to not have to purchase 2 different colors!

Info on Metal Used:    People have asked me if the metal I use has sharp edges.  This tooling metal (38 gauge) is pretty soft and pliable.  It cuts easily with ordinary household scissors and is slightly thicker than a disposable tin foil backing pan.   As long as your cut edges are clean, you shouldn’t have any issues handling the metal.  Don’t get me wrong, if you rub the side of the metal in just the wrong way, you will get cut, just like you would with paper and the resulting paper cut.  




Supplies Used:

Copper tooling foil
Aluminium tooling foil
embossing stylist  (substitute a dull pencil)
cup and ball tool (substitute a rounded eraser on the end of a pencil)
decorative wheel (optional)
glue gun
bamboo skewers
empty jar (I used a Starbucks jar)
Vase Filler Beads (Optional)
soft surface to emboss on  (I use a rubber mat, you can substitute a magazine or piece of suede)

We lost our images sorry. If you make this, please email us your pictures.

Step 1:  Punch out 2 copper and 2 aluminium scallops using a scallop punch.
Step 2:  Placing your scallop on a soft surface, use a cup and ball tool and eyeball the center and press in a circular motion using gentle pressure, make a circle.
Step 3:  Using the stylist, draw a flower pattern.   Optional:  use a decorative wheel to add to your design.
Step 4:  Using a standard household scissors, cut 4 leaf shapes out of the foil.  Add any detail you wish using the stylist or a decorative wheel.  I used a decorative wheel which adds a nice texture to the leaf.
Step 5:  Glue flowers and leaves to bamboo skewers.  I cut off the ends to have different heights for my flowers.  Just be aware the the hot glue will make the metal hot too, so be careful pressing and holding the flower to the skewer.  I waited a few seconds for it to cool before I pressed it down
Step 6:  Wrap twine on your jar and secure with a little bead of hot glue.    I used a few filler beads in the bottom of my jar to hold my skewer flowers in place.

I just love these little flowers for a little non-traditional taste of spring.  These cute little flowers would also look great as an addition to a beautiful outside flowering basket or container or on a patio table.
Thank you!
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