The candle holder was cleaned and dried.   Then we spray painted it with two coats of this pretty bright green apple color, allowing each coat to fully dry before applying the next.  To protect the finish, we spray painted two coats of a lacquer finish top coat.    It was looking so much better already and I loved the color.

We lost our images sorry. If you make this, please email us your pictures.

I planned to use Mason Jars to hold the craft supplies, but the glass jars got lost on the pretty green pedestal.   They needed some color of their own.   I pulled out some pretty colors from my stash of craft paint.   Sometimes paint that has been used a lot naturally thickens.  It is best for this next step to use paint that is thinner.

I just poured paint into the bottom of a jar, about a 1/2 inch full, and then swirled it around the bottom and side of the jars. The jars that still had a lot of paint in them, I just poured the excess back into paint container.   The jars were then turned upside down on a piece of cardboard.  I made sure to pick them up and move them every couple of hours so they wouldn’t stick to the cardboard because the paint will still run for  another day or two.   Again this works much better if the paint is on the thinner side.

I did have to scrape paint off the rim of each jar.  It was easy to remove with my finger nail.

The jars fit nicely on the candle holder.  If you noticed, the jar in the center is taller than the rest of the jars.  I had a plain glass jar that  I added to the mix because it was a little taller than the rest.     I left the jars sitting on the stand for a few more days to finish drying.  I wanted to make sure the paint inside the jars were completely dry before I filled them.

When everything is dry, fill the jars with your most used craft tools that you’d like to have close at hand.    Mine  is going to look great sitting on my craft table.

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