Several years ago, we were saving pull tabs for a charity event at school and we turned in a large tub of tabs. Afterwards, we continued to save pull tabs just in case there would be another event the following year, but it never happened.  I stumbled across my stash of pull tabs the other day and decided that maybe I could get creative and think of something to do with them. We made  Decorative Globes with a few of them and then found a charity to donate the rest.


I was pleasantly surprised at how well these turned out!

We lost our images sorry. If you make this, please email us your pictures.

Here is how you can make some for yourself!


Supplies Used:

  • Pull Tabs
  • Styrofoam balls
  • Smooth Finish (made to cover Styrofoam)
  • Spray Paint  (I used metallic silver, metallic gold, and white)

If you want a smoother finish, you can apply some Smooth Finish.  I used this and applied with a fingertip on some of the Decorator Globes we made and I left them to dry overnight.  I purchased this at Walmart for about $5.00

Last step:  Spray Paint with whatever color you want.   Pretty easy!


In the picture below, the top two globes were done using the Smooth Finish, and the bottom two were not.

Ahhh . . .the possibilities . . . depending on the color you paint them, they could go with just about any decor or would be pretty for Christmas Displays too.

Got pull tabs?   What will you create?

Thank you!

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