Making your own wall art can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you are not particularly artistic. I’d like to share this inexpensive way to add beautiful unique art to your home with our Easy DIY Texture Wall Art tutorial.

We lost our images sorry. If you make this, please email us your pictures.

Supplies Used:

cotton clothesline rope  (I used 200 ft. of rope for my project – but it is poster size)
Hot Melt glue/gun
foam board
poster frame
small foam roller
acrylic paint (I used acrylic chalk paint)
small paint brush
Spray clear sealer
 I picked up some of this inexpensive clothesline rope for under $4.00.  My art piece is poster size, so I used two of these to create the circles for my piece.
  To start, I put a small amount of glue on the end of the rope to keep it from fraying.
 Next I put a small glue line near the end of the rope.  Then I rolled the end and let that cool.
 I continued drawing lines of glue on the rope and rolling until I had a circle the size I wanted.
 As the circle grew larger, so did my line of hot glue.
If you put on too much glue, it will ooze out like it is doing in the picture below.  It is best to clean that off after the glue has dried as best you can.  You can prevent this issue by using smaller amounts of glue in your line – but hot glue cools fast, so don’t make your line too long or it will cool before you can secure it.
 When the circle got to the size I wanted, I cut off the end and put a little glue on the tip to prevent fraying.  Be careful not to use too much glue because you want to prevent as much glue from spilling out as you can.
I made 4 different size circles using this same method and laid them out on a foam poster board as I finished each one.
When I had as many circles as I wanted,  I randomly painted the circles using various colors of chalk paint.  I was okay if some of the rope showed through.  You can use any acrylic type paint that you wish.  I chose not to paint some of the circles and left them natural.
Because I did not want the backing of my Art to be white, I used a roller brush and painted a foam poster board with a light tan color I mixed.   I used the foam roller so that I wouldn’t leave brush marks on my foam board.
I picked up an inexpensive poster frame for the size foam board that I had and I painted the frame to better match my decor.
Using the hot glue gun, I glued down the circles onto my painted foam board.  (I had taken a picture of my pattern so that when I was ready to lay the circles on the painted foam board, I would know where I intended them to be).
Before attaching the frame, spray the project with a light coat of sealer.    Attach the frame and hang.
 This was a fun and easy project to do and I made this over a weekend.  Got me thinking that this same process could also be used to make a rug by gluing the design on a non slip mat.

I love my new wall art!!   I’m thinking of several other things I could make using this rope . . but that will have to be for another day.
 Thank you!
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