Today I’m sharing easy to make wood peg magnets!  What I love most about these magnets is that even though the magnet is very strong, these magnets are easy to grasp and move around.


Supplies Used:

Wooden pegs (I had Mr. Hobby cut pegs from a wooden dowel rod)
Strong Magnets
White Spray Paint
Craft Paint
Paint Brush
Hot Melt Glue Gun
Clear Sealer


In the picture below, I included gold and white washi tape, but I didn’t end up using it for this project, because I decided I did not want to cover the wood.

We lost our images sorry. If you make this, please email us your pictures.

After Mr. Hobby cut the 1/2 inch pegs for me from a wood dowel rod, I lightly sanded them to remove the rough edges.

I coated the heavy-duty magnets with white spray paint.

I painted the tips of the wood pegs with white craft paint. 

I added a little pattern to the top of the wooden pegs with a metallic rose-colored craft paint. I’m a little sad that the color doesn’t look very impressive in the picture, but it really is a lovely color! Have fun with these and use any colors you want.

The pegs were attached to the magnets with a little hot glue.  I finished them off by spraying them with a light coat of clear sealer.

These took minutes to put together!  Best of all, I love how easy they are to move around on my fridge. 

Thank you!

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