Hope everyone had a great weekend.  We received the first substantial snow storm on Saturday with 7 inches of snow by Sunday morning! While the kids spent the better part of the day sledding, I decided it was a good time to work on my St. Patrick’s Day Mantel using these adorable Metal Embossed Shamrocks. 


I embossed a few quick shamrocks and painted them with alcohol inks.  To add a little more interest, I took a standard hole punch and punched some holes around the outside edges.  Then I glued a light green piece of paper to the backside.   If you are interested in how these were made, I used the same basic steps used in my Easter Bunny Banner.


We lost our images sorry. If you make this, please email us your pictures.

I attached these shamrocks to a mirror and added a quick banner.    I moved my Lucky Penny Tree from the piano to the mantel to complete the look.

Mr. Hobby prefers not to have a banner hanging down from the mantel at this time of year because we burn a fire in the fireplace every night in the winter and the banners just get in his way.   So I put all my decorations on the top of the mantel – problem solved.   I love the simplicity of the decor.  I can’t believe it is March already, can you?

 Thank you for sharing!

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