Show Mom how much you care with this super easy watercolor art for Mother’s Day!  This project goes from start to finish in about 20 minutes.   It makes a beautiful gift straight from the heart!


For this project, I gathered a few supplies I had on hand:

  • 8×10 canvas
  • Pencil
  • Carbon Paper
  • Heart Cookie Cutter
  • Copper Leaf Marker
  • Watercolors
  • Paint brushes

We lost our images sorry. If you make this, please email us your pictures.

I printed some words in a beautiful font and cut them out and laid them on my canvas where I wanted them.  Then using a large heart-shaped cookie cutter as a pattern, I drew a heart lightly with a pencil.

I put a piece of carbon paper under the words and traced them onto the canvas with a pencil.

Using a copper leaf marker, I filled in the traced letters.  I would have rather used gold, but I didn’t have that in my supplies.  You can pick up these markers at most craft stores.

The heart that I drew was a little dark, so I erased it until it was barely there.  That way when I painted over it, I wouldn’t be able to see the pencil outline.   This worked really well.

I didn’t use any fancy watercolors.  These were leftover from one of my kids from school.

Using random colors, I just started painting mini flowers all over the heart shape outline.   Believe me when I say, I’m no painter, but this was totally easy to do.

Framed, this makes a beautiful gift for Mom!

Wishing my own incredible Mom, and all of you Moms out there, a very special Mother’s Day!

Thank you!

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