We are a family that likes to collect rocks during our travels.   Does your family collect rocks too?  We have a lot of rocks.  River rocks, beach rocks, and mountain rocks which are stored in jars, drawers, boxes and bags. Yes, rocks we have in abundance!   I decided to use a few from our collection to make Patriotic Stamped Rocks.

This project is so easy to do and these stamped rocks look awesome sitting in flower pots, set on a table or shelf, or displayed in a bowl on the coffee table or patio.



Supplies used for Patriotic Stamped Rocks:


  • smooth, flat rocks
  • white and red ink pad
  • alphabet stamps
  • star stickers
  • Clear coat spray paint

We lost our images sorry. If you make this, please email us your pictures.

My rocks don’t look like much, but they are perfect for crafting because they are so smooth.   If you have river rocks or beach rocks, you know that they always look their best when wet.  Dry, they are rather dull and gray as you can see in the photo above.

The rocks I used were on the small side,  so I mostly used my smallest alphabet stamps.    I did use larger alphabet stamps to stamp two of the rocks.   The white ink worked the best.  The red ink by its self, did not show up well on the dark-colored rocks.

Stamp a variety of patriotic-like words.  To add a touch of red, I did stamp red over white on two rocks.   The red showed up fine although a little more pink than red.  The star stickers were used on the smallest rocks.


Leave the rocks to dry and set for 20 minutes, then lightly spray with a gloss top coat.  This gives the rocks a ‘wet’ look and seals the stamp ink at the same time.

This is a fun project that can be easily finished in half an hour.

Have fun creating some for yourself!

Thanks for the visit!

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