Hi everyone!  I have a super easy project for you.  Gold and Silver metallic clothespin stars is a project anyone can do – it’s that easy!  Great for making garlands, ornaments or as a display.

We lost our images sorry. If you make this, please email us your pictures.

Remove the metal piece by sliding the wooden piece sideways.  They come apart pretty easily.

Using hot glue, run a bead of glue down the back side of one wooden piece and attach it to the backside of another wooden piece.   Glue all your pieces together.

Put a bead of hot glue on the top of one of your newly glued pieces and attach another glued piece to the top.

Add glue to the top of another glued piece and side it into place so you have a cross shape.

Add glue to the tops of 4 other glued pieces and slide them into place between the arms of the cross-piece.

Once you have constructed your star, you can paint and/or decorate them any way you choose.  I’ve seen one blogger use wood stain.  I choose to spray paint mine silver and gold.

Love how they look hanging on the banister and they’ll look even better after the green Christmas garland has been added.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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