I love the look of speckled Easter Eggs, don’t you?  When you think about speckled eggs, you probably think of small brown splatter on a light blue egg.  Am I right?  Speckled just means covered or marked with a large number of small spots or patches of color.  So this year, my speckled Easter Eggs are sporting larger patches of color.   If you are looking for a quick project, these eggs go from start to finish in about 5 minutes.

I used 6 white eggs left over from a previous year, then scrounged around in my craft bins for a quick way to decorate them.  I came across my alcohol inks and decided to give it a try.



Supplies Used:


  • White plastic decorating eggs
  • 3 colors of alcohol inks
  • A stamp with Velcro
  • Felt pieces    ( I always cut my own from a square of felt)
  • Clear top coat spray

Note:  For applying color with alcohol inks, I use a stamp with a Velcro strip attached.  If you don’t have a stamp, you can easily make your own, by glueing a Velcro strip to binder clip or a block of wood.  The Velcro holds a piece of felt that is used to “stamp” the color.

We lost our images sorry. If you make this, please email us your pictures.

Add three drops of color in four spots on a piece of felt (two of each color, placed opposite of each other – see stamp above).   A little alcohol ink goes a long way, and one stamp was more than enough to cover 3 eggs.

Roll the color onto the egg at random going in different directions until you are satisfied.  Remove the felt and repeat the process with different colors.   The ink dries very quickly.




When finished, you will want to spray them with a clear top coat.  Hold the spray at least 12 inches from the eggs and then spray lightly, allow to dry and do the other side of the egg.   Pictured below is the spray I used because it was handy, but any clear coat craft spray should work fine.

A small tin bucket full of Easter grass makes a great display for these cute Speckled Eggs.

They look pretty cute in little bowls too.

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