We had such a beautiful weekend, with temperatures that reminded us that spring is not far way. Both my daughters were here, so we decided a craft night would be a lot of fun.  I made these easy Yarn Dandelion Flowers.  They were so cute that my son wanted to make some too.

We lost our images sorry. If you make this, please email us your pictures.

My other daughter, decided to work on yarn globes using balloons and glue.

And me?  Well, I wasn’t sure what to make.  I can crochet a chain stitch row with the best of them. . . but that is where my crochet skills end.  I never mastered knitting, so I turned to Pinterest to find a project I could make.

I found a post on how to make DIY Tassel Flowers:  DIY Dandelion Bouquet shared by Bren Did and decided this was something I could tackle.

My 14-year-old son decided to join us and made some Tassel Flowers of his own.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make the Tassel Flowers.

Supplies Used:

Yellow Yarn
Green Yarn
green pipe cleaners

Hold a green pipe cleaner along side of the fork.  Start wrapping the yellow yarn around the fork.

Wrap the yellow yarn around 25 to 30 times, keeping the wrapped area to about 1 inch wide.

Cut a 4 inch piece of green yarn and wrap around the yellow yarn and tie it tightly and knot. Then trim the excess green yarn close to the knot.

Twist the pipe cleaner together to form the base of the stem.

Slide the yellow yarn off the fork.  Take an 8 inch strip of the green yarn.  Add a dot of glue and wrap the green yarn around the base of the flower to cover the twisted pipe cleaner, secure with another dot of glue.

Cut the yellow yarn loops with a scissors.

Using the fork, separate each piece of the yellow yarn.  Fluff the yarn flower to finish.

My son used various colored yarn to create his flowers. He displayed his in a Popsicle stick vase he made some time ago.

My daughter blew up balloons and wrapped the balloons with yarn soaked in a glue/water mixture.   She hung them to dry from pieces of twine we duct taped to the box, using clothes pins.  These need to dry overnight, so she took them home with her.

The next day, after the yarn had completely dried, she popped the balloons and removed them.  She sent me this picture so you could see her finished project.

My other daughter is still working on her socks, so no finish project to show you there.

While all this crafting was going on, Mr. Hobby was in the basement working on his strip canoe. However, we decided to share another Mr. Hobby project with you.  Mr. Hobby made this coonskin cap for my daughter several years ago.   I know it’s not a popular style for a young lady these days, but my daughter loves it anyway.

All and all it was a fun evening full of laughs and crafts.   Do you craft with your children?

Thanks for the visit!

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