We are continuing to share some simple and easy ideas to add a little “Patriotic” to your decor for the upcoming summer holidays with these cute little Bakers Twine wrapped candle holders. Sometimes, simple is all that is needed.

Supplies used:

Bakers Twine
glass candle holders
glue gun


To dress up some simple glass candle holders with a little red, white and blue, I pulled out my hot glue gun and some bakers twine.

I put a small dab of hot glue on the outside of the glass and just wrapped the twine around a few times, cut and glued the other end.  Pretty simple.


We lost our images sorry. If you make this, please email us your pictures.

Keeping with my ‘flag’ theme this month, I used three candle holders, one wrapped in blue and two in red.   I love the simplicity of these.   I also love that when the holiday is over, I can easily remove the twine and reuse it for something else.

For a little variation on the same theme, I wrapped the candle holders in more of a stripe pattern, still using just a dab of hot glue to secure both ends.

These will look cute with my other Patriotic decor this year.

Thank you for the visit!

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