What kind of treasures did your family find at the beach this summer?  While on vacation in Washington State, we spent a day at First Beach and found this awesome sand dollar.   It’s not white like the sand dollars I’ve found in Florida, it is more of a grey color and it was in perfect shape.

Sand Dollars are fragile and easily broken, so I wanted to come up with a simple way to display this keepsake for years to come.

Beach Vacation Sand Dollar Keepsake

I picked up a blue and white stripped fat quarter and a small embroidery hoop from Walmart for a few dollars.

I cut a piece of the material to fit into the embroidery frame.

Be sure to trim the edges.  Sharp scissors would have been handy, but I couldn’t find mine and had to use my kitchen scissors.

Using a black sharpie, I wrote the place and the year this sand dollar was found.

Beach Vacation Sand Dollar Keepsake

I attached the sand dollar directly onto the material using hot melt glue.

The blue and white material give it a little bit of a nautical flair and will look cute hanging as a memento of a fabulous trip!

Thank you!

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