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Using plants to decorate homes, offices, and outings (and basically everywhere) is just the norm today, and for good reason. Plants create inexplicable positive energy anywhere, give depth and color to their surroundings, and oxygenate the air around them, giving us a cool atmosphere to enjoy. Plus, there’s no limit to how much aesthetics they can add to our environment. As such, we believe that plants should be everywhere, indoors and outdoors. We shouldn’t just leave them in one boring spot in our garden. Instead, we can unlock their potential as decorations by making a DIY plant stand for them, adding a little more sophistication to the simple greens. Cool right? Here are a bunch of DIY plant stand ideas that you can use indoors and outdoors to bring out the hidden beauty in your home.

DIY Mid-Century Modern Plant Stand

This option is best for those that want a stylish but minimalistic design for their indoor plants. The process is simple; all you need are your normal woodwork tools, some pine wood, a bunch of dowels, glue, and a ceramic container. They are super easy to make, but if done right, they look like you got them for a lot of money in the store. You can try painting the ceramic bowl if you feel a bit adventurous.

DIY Frame Plant Stand

This idea involves joining two identical, ladder-like wooden structures to form an A-shaped frame and then placing wooden containers or even planks on them to place your plant pots on. Though it is mostly used on the patio or on the lawn, you can scale it for a smaller size that can be placed in the living room or entryway. Paint or stain to taste or leave it for a more rustic look; I promise you can’t go wrong with any.

DIY Ladder Plant Stand

This plan is very similar to the frame design but gives an added depth with the perspective of looking at the closer and farther plants. You can equally use a container for this and have your plants grow free in it, or use a wooden base and place the plant pots on them. They are usually made for outdoor use, but who says you can’t have a scaled version in your hallway? There are also inverse designs if you’re looking for a bit of a challenge.

Tall Plant Stand

The designs for this idea are inexhaustible and can be used indoors and outdoors. You can decide to attach a planter box to some long wood and have it by the wall of your house or repurpose or remake a stool and place your plant pot on it. You can stick a pot or two in the space under (you can’t have too many plants), or add another container for a tiered design. Shapes? It’s all up to you! There are plans for cylindrical, rectangular, and even octagonal tall plant stands.

Mini Plant Stand

Another inexhaustible idea. You can repurpose a small stool and place your pot on it if you want a subtle detail, or get some wood and strings and start working. There are ideas on a box frame with wool strings woven into it to act as braces and a base for your pots. This is a good option for smaller indoor plant pots; Make the cute plants look cuter.

Copper Plant Stands

Instead of getting wood and other tools for your mini plant stand, why not just use copper and some strings? Copper is pliable and can be made to any shape you want without too much force. You should have an easier time making your mini plant stands this way, and the results look so much like a modern-style stand. Just make sure your plant pots are not too heavy.

Tiered Plant Stands

This design is mainly for outdoor use. Just get two old wooden pallets and join in a hinge to get your friendly A shape. You can slot in your planks in the space between them and voila, you have your easy-to-make DIY tiered plant stands. Easy, right? You should paint or stain it if it’s going to be on your patio. If you’d rather not repurpose old pallets, get some wood and make a larger version of your tall plant stands in any shape you want. More space for plants is always good news.


There’s more! These are just the easy ones. You can invert your framed plant stand into a v shape and insert a base for a more sophisticated stand. Have an old table? Repurpose it by cutting out a hole in it and inserting a container for your plants. You can do the same for your living room’s center table or even your dining table. The limit to what you can do is your imagination, and we have given you a few ideas you can try. If you can’t DIY, there are many furniture stores you can go to get your plant stands for cheap or have one made to your preference.

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