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Conifer Plants

Who doesn’t love to shop? Not to mention when it’s your fall landscape assignment from Team Fine Foliage! One of the topics that we get asked about constantly is how to get more color and interest in the fall and winter landscape. And since everyone’s climate challenges are slightly different conifers remain one of the categories of plants that seems to cross all of the USDA hardiness lines for the plants that everyone can appreciate in some form or another.

I will readily admit that plant names in general are never my strength for memory retention, and trees are at the top of that list. So, as you peruse the photos below hang with me, if I know the name of a tree, I will list it. If not, I won’t but that is where YOU come in; if YOU know the name and it’s not listed here, drop us a note in the comments and I will add it. Sometimes in the world of working 2or 3 jobs at a time, I don’t always have the time to properly ID some plants before posting- sorry FF Gang!

Conifers View

The idea with this post is to get you thinking about what conifers would look great in your landscape and to get your little landscaping to rear-end to your nearest Independent Garden Center to get them as soon as possible before it gets too cold and the selection has dwindled. This is a fine time for digging and planting as the weather is still fairly mild in most locations and the work weather is divine!

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