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When we think about greenhouses, we think of structures that help us grow delicate plants, protect our propagated plants, and help us control the diverse environmental factors that affect our crops. If you love gardening, then there’s the probability that you’ll want to get your hands on a greenhouse. 

Great DIY greenhouse project ideas for you

Whether a simple temporary cold frame or a full-size greenhouse, we got the best and most incredible DIY greenhouses for you. These projects would make gardening fun: Who doesn’t like fun?! Welcome, let’s scroll and discover.

1. Jaw-Dropping

Our first very easy DIY greenhouse is jaw-dropping. All you need are some planting pots and plastic bottles. Cut the bottom half of your plastic bottles and place each bottle on your plant in the planting pot. Make sure your plastic bottles are transparent to allow maximum sunlight. This low-budget DIY is an excellent choice for your mini household greenhouse.

2. Plastic Tote greenhouse

Like Jaw-dropping, this idea is cheap and easy to make. You’ll require plastic tote containers. Get some plastic tote containers equivalent to the size of your farm. Because the plastic tote container is larger than plastic bottles, it can cover more than two to three plants. Perfect temperature, humidity, and evapotranspiration regulation are the strengths of the plastic tote container. 

3. The Dome

Make a dome around your garden using wire meshes. Cover the dome with a transparent polythene tarp or sheet. And just like that, you have a greenhouse. You can do the dome greenhouse individually per pot or a single large dome over all your plants. 

4. The greenhouse box

The greenhouse box is a cool idea; you’ll love it. Simply create a mini box of your desired choice with softwood planks or plywood. Remember to add an opening at the door for access to the plants. You can cover the box with any transparent material, from polythene to plastic sheets or glass. 

5. A-frame pallet greenhouse

Get two wood pallets and join them to form an A shape. You can then go ahead and cover your pellets with a plastic tarp.

6. Cold frame with an old window cover

You can build a mini greenhouse with four massive wood planks and an old window you’re not using. Clamp four wood planks together. Ensure the plank at the front is slightly lower in height than the back. Doing this would give your cold room a slant configuration and make it easier to fix your window.

7. Hay and wire gauze cold room

Gather some hay in the backyard into a square or rectangular shape. Make sure it’s at least a foot high. The next thing is that you cover your heap of hay with a wire gauze mesh. Finished!

8. The canopy

Dig four long straight wood or iron beams into the ground. Create a shelter over the beams in any shape you want. Triangular-shaped roofs are easier. Proceed to cover the canopy with any transparent material of your choice; Polythene, plastic, glass, or wire meshes. You can also choose to cover such materials around your beams.

9. The cupboard DIY greenhouse

This amazing greenhouse is most suitable for growing flowers and shrubs. Furthermore, it offers you a great chance to beautifully display your flowers and shrubs.

10. Wired tent greenhouse

To build this greenhouse, get wire meshes of different sizes and assemble them just like your camp tent would look, you can also get nets from around and build your tent-like greenhouse.

11. 2×4 polycarbonate greenhouse

The name already spells what the greenhouse is all about. Built with just 2x4s and polycarbonate panels, standing 6ft to 8ft tall or any height of your choice, this greenhouse is an excellent choice. Connect your 2x4s into a structure in box patterns. You could make the base of your greenhouse with blocks on each other. Cover your structure with polycarbonate sheets are you’re good to go! Polycarbonate is known for its thermal stability and toughness, making this an excellent greenhouse.

12. Polythene Greenhouse

Like the polycarbonate greenhouse, this is constructed using 2x4s wood dug into the ground and covered with polythene. The greenhouse consists of two large windows on either side and a door.


There you go, 12 great ideas for your DIY greenhouses. However, keep these tips in mind when building your greenhouse:

  • It would be best if you always positioned your greenhouse to run lengthwise from east to west. This ensures that your greenhouse receives the longest stretch of sunlight.
  • Your greenhouse should have a working thermometer placed inside. 
  • Proper ventilation is essential. Humidity is an important factor to be controlled. 
  • Site your greenhouse away from children’s play areas. If you plan to power your greenhouse with electricity, it should be close to the source.

Good luck!

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