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Chalk art is a fun project for all ages and can be done anywhere. On walls, boards, floors, literally anywhere! Sidewalks aren’t meant to be just bland. You can turn your private sidewalk into an entertaining space with interesting chalk art. These easy chalk art designs can turn into a family project that can keep you all busy for hours. Take these chalk art ideas to the neighborhood by talking to the public sidewalks. Inspire people by including a positive message or let your artwork do the talking and lift the spirits of those that come across it. You can take amazing photos of your family, friends, and even while taking your project out. Check out our sidewalk chalk art ideas, and start making all sidewalks a prettier, funnier, and more beautiful and inspiring place to walk on.

1 Superheroes and villains

The majority of us loved to be superheroes while growing up. Imagine a sidewalk with your favorite superheroes. You’ll feel like they are walking alongside you. To make your sidewalk more inspiring, you could draw chalk art depicting the superheroes defeating the evil villains. Good always overcomes evil.

2. Underwater experience

Take your family under the sea experience with these drawings of sea life. Get chalk colors that match different sea life forms to make your drawing more realistic.

3. Butterfly wings

The butterfly wings can be done quickly, but the results are almost always remarkable. Make your butterfly wings different sizes and colors to create a more artistic effect.

4. Rainbow heart

Draw a huge heart at the center of your sidewalk with the different colors of the rainbow, starting from the first to the last. Though typical, the rainbow heart gives a warm feeling like none other and is relatively easy to do.

5. Falling stars

Start the beginning of your sidewalk with tiny stars and increase the sizes as the sidewalk approaches the end. This intriguing chalk art design makes a sidewalk fun to walk on. You can do this chalk art design to catch people’s attention and lead them to your business.

6. Stencils affirmation

Make stencils with motivational, cheerful, or moving messages. You can put a sign to make it more artistic.

7. Footprints

Creating lovely footprints can be a fun art to do on your sidewalk. Well, people use their feet to walk on the sidewalks. You get the point. You’ll want to take off your shoes and decide to walk barefoot and take lovely pictures. Make Bigfoots more fun!

8. Chessboard

Simple, easy chalk art replicates the patterns of a chessboard on your sidewalk. If your sidewalk is black, even better.

9. The swing

Drawing two swings on your sidewalk might not look fun until you see the little ones (even the big ones), sit on them, and pretend they are real. Make it more fun by adding other items found on the playground.

10. Patriotic art

Get everyone to have that patriotic feeling when they walk on the sidewalk by drawing items, clothing materials, etc., with colors of the country. You could also draw flags, symbols, banners, or even iconic national figures or landmarks.

11. Halo and wings

Everyone likes Angels. A halo and accompanying wings can make anyone feel just that.

12. Puzzle

Turn your sidewalk educational and brain-racking by drawing different forms of puzzles on it. You could draw a word, crossword, or any puzzle. Watch as everyone gets intrigued by it.

13. Self-portrait

Have someone lie down and trace their silhouette with chalk. Add clothes and accessories. You could make it like a caricature.

14. Balloons

Simple balloons of different colors on your sidewalk can be so enticing. Attach your balloons to ropes to give them the effect of flying away.

15. Sunny scene

Draw your way to a sunny day no matter the weather outside. Create a beach-like scenario by drawing a burst of sunshine, palm trees, fruity drinks on a side table, and beach beds, and have a summer vacation anytime!

16. Caricatures

Make caricatures or cartoon figures with word pads containing messages or dialogues.

17. Flowers

Walk through a garden with ever-blooming flowers any time of the year with lovely colorful flowers on your sidewalk. Draw different types of flowers on your sidewalk garden.

18. Sport illustration

We all love our favorite sports. Chalk art designs of various sports being played or materials used for those sports can be a true inspiration. You can also draw jerseys of famous athletes or logos of different sports competitions like the Olympics, super bowl, etc., on your sidewalk.


Here you have it—our easy-to-do excellent sidewalk chalk art design. You could carry out these designs all by yourself or have help from friends and family, making memories as you dabble in simple artistry. Enjoy

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