• Step 3

    Easy DIY Botanical Art

    How to DIY Your Own Botanical Art Supplies Used: floral greenery stem picture frame foam board craft knife ruler wire…

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  • Easy Easter Cakes

    Easy Easter Egg Cakes

    How To Make Easy Easter Egg Cakes Supplies Used: Sara Lee Pound Cake pink icing tube white decorating icing I’m…

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  • Whimsy Apples

    Whimsical Apple Decor

    How To Make Whimsical Apple Decor Supplies Used: Apples  Spray Paint red glitter tape circle punch. Without a plan, and…

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  • Look Glass Eggs

    Looking Glass Easter Eggs

    How To Make Looking Glass Easter Eggs Supplies Used: Plastic Easter EggsKrylon Looking Glass Mirror Like Spray Paint Scissors Empty…

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  • PomPom Spiders

    DIY Pom Pom Monster Spiders

    How To Make DIY Pom Pom Monster Spiders Supplies Used: Paper Straws Yarn Craft or floral wire wooden beads small…

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  • DIY-Christmas-Trees

    DIY Christmas Trees

    How To Make DIY Christmas Trees using Air Dry Clay Supplies Used: White Air Dry Clay butter knife wax paper…

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  • Step 8

    Easy Farmhouse Fall Sign

    How To Make Easy Farmhouse Fall Sign Supplies Used: Picture Frame   (We got ours at Hobby Lobby earlier this…

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  • Succulents

    Tin Can Pine Cone Planters

    How To Make Tin Can Pine Cone Planters Supplies Used: Tin cans in various sizes 12 pine cones Wire Cutter…

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  • Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees

    Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees

    Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees School is closed today for Election Day and I took the day off work to be…

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  • Marble TeaLights


    MARBLE TEA LIGHTS What to do with a hefty stash of marbles?  Why, make marble towers of course.  Better yet,…

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